Tiny House

If you would like to have a Custom Tiny Home created, we're here to make this happen.

The steps are as follows below:

  1. Contact Us
    • Contact us to discuss the process, we will help you through the steps.
  2. Space
    • Figure out how much space you have to park your tiny home.
  3. Size
    • Select a size for your tiny house, taking into account your tiny home parking spot
    • – 3.4 metre long
    • – 4.6 metre long
    • – 6 metre long
    • – 7.4 metre long
    • – If you require a different size, contact us
Custom tiny house - you can select your tiny home size to suit your space and needs, or use one of our suggested standard sizes from our series of tiny homes.
  1. Roof Type
    • Choose a Roof type, Gable roof, Flat pitched room
As custom tiny house builders, we can build your tiny home roof according to your needs. See the options here of side gable, aero, flat pitch or gable roof.
  1. Modify
    • Decide if you want to modify one of our tiny house plans or create a new custom tiny house design.
  2. Initial Plan
    • Grab our tiny house plans and draw some of your ideas.
  3. Discuss Plan
    • Return your plans and we will call you to discuss before we start the drawing of plans
  4. Final Plan
    • The Final tiny house floor plans will require a $490 payment that will be deductible of the final purchase if proceeding.
  5. Approve Plan
    • We will send you the final tiny house plans for review and approval.
  6. Approve Build
    • Send us an email with your approval to proceed with the build.
  7. Deposit
    • Make the first payment deposit of 30%.